Jalandhar: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar speaks at length with Dainik Jagran on various issues.

What is the role of the RSS in Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption and black money?

We are neither supporting any individual nor do we need anyone’s permission before posting our opinions. If any person raises any issue related to nation’s benefit, we will surely support him.

If any BJP leader is involved in corrupt activities what will be the stand of RSS?

Look, the ongoing fight against corruption is for everyone. In such condition, if anyone is found guilty of corruption, then the RSS would surely protest against him irrespective of his political background.

Your name surfaced in many terrorist activities?

During 2006 to 2008, there have been many blasts for which four inquiries have been conducted. The inquiries which were conducted at different levels like police, special police, IB and the CBI have finally reached to National Investigation Agency (NIA). It was ascertained that terror groups like Huji, LeT were behind the blasts and terrorists from these organizations were arrested also.

During this period, the investing agencies became the puppet in the hands of the government and deliberately targeted the Hindu society.

Are you satisfied by the Centre’s investigation process?

Digvijay Singh is Congress General Secretary who publically meets criminals in Azamgarh and Delhi. Why has the Centre not checked his links with the terror organization? The Home Minister deletes the names of Pakistanis from the list of most wanted which clearly states his connection with the ISI.

What is Hindu or saffron terrorism?

It's a shame that the Congress has given the name of saffron terrorism to this feeling. By saying this they are abusing themselves. Saffron is a sign of social respect. Terming it as saffron terrorism is very unfortunate.

Who is behind all this?

Undoubtedly the Congress. The entire nation is a witness to this that whenever any person or organization has raised voice against corruption, the Congress has held the RSS responsible for this. This gives a clear indication that the Congress too believes that even the RSS is against corruption.

What is currently the biggest challenge for the country?

There are three challenges that the country is facing- corruption, terrorism and ethnic disparities which are trying to break the unity of the country.

(JPN/ Bureau)