The four times Ballon d’Or winner reportedly owes USD 5.3 million in unpaid taxes and along with his father.

Last year, Messi along with his father was charged of swindling the Spanish state by filing sham returns for the years 2006 to 2009.

Along with the jail term Messi might end-up paying a hefty fine of USD 32 million.

A court in Spain pushed ahead the course to put Messi on trial for alleged tax evasion. The public persecutor had however recommended charges to be dropped.

The prosecutor told the court in June that Messi’s father Jorge was taking care of family's finances and the Golden Ball winner in 2014 World Cup had no role to play in any kind of mismanagement.

But the Barcelona court conveyed that it is possible that Messi might be aware of about his father’s shady business and therefore, he should be included in the trial.

The judge in the cases ruled out that case against both Messi and his father should continue, according to a statement.

Messi’s father is accused of creating a number of shell companies which were allegedly used to evade taxes due on income from image rights.

Messi is one of world’s highest-paid athletes and according to Forbes, he earns over USD 40 million per season in salary and bonuses. The Argentina forward also earns up to USD 23 million through various sponsors.

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