Jaipur: The influential clout has paved way for mafia of Haryana to transport liquor to Gujarat via Rajasthan route. Mafia active near the border areas are using secret routes for smuggling alcohol in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states.

The illegal trade has been flourishing owing to the nexus of mafia, local police and excise department. Every day more than a dozen of trucks carrying alcohol bottles cross Rajasthan border to supply the consignment to its final destination- Gujarat.

Surprisingly, young boys from the wealthy families of Haryana are into this business. On receiving the order from traders in Gujarat and Rajasthan, truck drivers, private vehicles and local people are asked to deliver the consignment to the liquor mafia in Rajasthan.  Thereafter, giving bribe to local police, the alcohol is delivered to its desired location.

Liquor is transported via kuchha roads of Baaval, Nangal Majri and Sabi river of Haryana. Similarly, it is supplied enroute Baaval to Gadovaas via Shahjahanpur and Bahrod. The alcohol demand for Jodhpur is fulfilled through Sri Ganganagar and bordering areas of Haryana. 

The consequences of the illegal trade have marked its impact upon the Rajasthan government revenue collection and the existing law and order situation in the state. There is roughly 50 percent difference in liquor price in Haryana and Rajasthan owing to lower sales tax in the latter state.

Though the Rajasthan Excise Commissioner accepts that smuggling of liquor is prevalent in the state but efforts are being made to prohibit the trade.