While in the ordinary category, a consumer would have to pay Rs eight for 180 ml, Rs 16 for 375 ml and Rs 32 for 750 ml, it was Rs 10, Rs 20 and Rs 40 in the medium category, they said, adding the prices were Rs 20, Rs 40 and Rs 80 in the deluxe premium category.
The beginning of a month, weekends and festivals are days which witness high income sales through these outlets, TASMAC officials said. TASMAC had increased the price last month.
The reason behind the hike is reportedly suppliers' request to the government following an increase in raw material prices.
Sale of liquor in TASMAC outlets continues to be a major source of income for the government with a whopping Rs 21,641.14 crore earned as total revenue in 2012-13. However, this figure was lower than Rs 21,680.67 crore during 2013-14.
During 2011-12 revenue earned was Rs 18,081.16 crore.
According to the government, revenue from liquor sales has shown a steady increase, from Rs 3,639.93 crore in 2003-04, touching Rs 18,081.16 crore in 2011-12.

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