New Delhi (Jagran News Network): The list is out. But it doesn’t reveal much – at least at this stage. Tehelka magazine has claimed that it has got access to the list of tax evaders who have stashed their wealth in the LGT bank of Liechtenstein. This was the list which Germany provided to the Indian government in 2009.

The list includes a total of 18 names and the magazine has revealed only 15 as the Central Board of Direct Taxes is close to completing its probe against these individuals and trusts.
This is the list: Hasmukh Gandhi, Ishwerlal Gandhi, Madhu Gandhi, Chintan Gandhi, Mirav Gandhi, Manoj Dhupelia, Rupal Dhupelia, Mohan Dhupelia, Chintan Gandhi, Dilip Mehta, Arun Mehta, Arun Kochar, Gunwanti Mehta, Rajnikant Mehta, Prabodh Mehta and Ashok Jaipuria.

The money owned by these entities is over Rs 50 crores.

The entities have been reportedly charged by Indian authorities with evading tax and hiding their real income from the tax man.

The report claims that these entities may be merely fronts for powerful people in India. They include a politician as well as the chairman of a well known Indian corporation.

The government of India – including PM Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee – have repeatedly claimed that the information on the list cannot be revealed because of secrecy clauses in the deal the government signed with Germany.

The list, though, has been handed over to the Supreme Court which is looking into the entire issue.

This is a part of the list of 1,400 clients which the German financial intelligence agencies shared with India after they landed stolen data from the LGT Group. The German authorities are said to have paid at least $7.4 million to procure the list, after which they went all out against their country’s tax evaders.

Reactions from the individuals and trusts on this list are awaited and only then will their business interests be revealed, the report said.

Black money stashed in banks in Switzerland and other tax havens like Liechtenstein, Cayman Islands etc. has been a hot potato in the political establishment for over two years now since the BJP took it up.