Every time you are with your love, time seems to have stopped and the nature’s beauty has stood up with arms open to welcome both of you. Their luscious voice makes your heart skip a beat and their significant presence makes you blush, leaving a sweet smile on your face. Yes, this is your dream partner!

As the valentines week has begun on a rosy note, it’s time for you to listen to your heart and ask your mind- ‘Are you seriously committed?’.

If the answer is ‘yes’ then ‘February 8’is the perfect day for you to share your emotions with your love. This second day of Valentine’s week is the ‘Propose Day’.

Proposing someone special can give jitters and sleepless nights to anyone. “Will she or he say ‘yes’ or I will lose my love forever?”- Endless questions haunt your mind.  But it is better to have said it and lost her or him than have not saying it and stay completely lost. Who knows, you might hear ‘Yes’ and the whole world is at your feet. Even if the response is unexpected, at least you will be glad that you got it out of your heart.

Love can happen with anyone, anytime and anywhere. But don’t forget, it needs time to happen. Propose it in the most romantic style and we assure you, nothing will go wrong.

Going for romantic movies and theaters will be a great idea. If you're pretty sure your sweetie is going to say yes, call the theater in advance to see if you can propose your fantasy on stage. Make her/him feel like princess with a soothing song and a romantic ambiance. The stage manager may assist you in planning something theatrical and memorable for both of you.

Buy a heart-shaped chocolate box.  Everyone loves chocolates but they expect much more from their partners. Replace the chocolates with an engagement ring and a love note asking ‘Will you be mine?’ . We assure you that this awesome surprise will be the most magical moment for both of you.

Everyone desires to be proposed in a unique way. Let your partner feel special when you first propose her or him. Some of the tips will be apt for your first proposal:

1. Write ‘Will you marry me (name)’ in chalk on the street outside her/his house in big letters. This will definitely break her or him into tears and a big ‘yes’ will be heard any moment.
2. Call your local radio station and share your feelings on the air waves at a time that you know he or she will be listening. Dedicate a song.
3. Gather some children outside his or her house waving banners with the magical letters ‘I Love You’. With bunch of red roses and a platinum ring propose him or her face-to-face. 
4. Send a romantic musical card. Then walk in just after the song is finished and pop the question 'Will you be mine?'..

Go the traditional way. Get down on your knee with a ring in your hand. Share your feelings and pop up the million dollar question- “Do you love me?”. This will definitely work.

Now, if your methods have worked, it’s time for celebration.  

If it’s 'yes' from your partner, then make each day of the valentine week special for love of your life. Ask for a date with bunch of red roses. Plan an outing at a romantic destination. Arrange a candle light dinner. Or just go for a long drive. Holding his or her hands and peeping in eachother's eyes ask for ‘Kuch meetha ho jai’. Gift a heart-shaped chocolates. Present your sweetie a cute teddy bear with a promise to be with him/her always. Hug tightly and make your beloved feel your warmth. Assure with a kiss that no trouble will come his or her way till your last breathe. On the significant 14th February, ask “Will you be my valentine for rest of my life?”       

Loving someone is easy, but taking your love life to another level requires a lot. If your love tells you ‘yes’ then gear up to make some promises. Things you must remember:

1. Always make your love feel special. Saying ‘I Love You’ will be a nice idea.
2. Complimenting your partner is necessary for a smooth relation.
3. Despite any odds, always be with each other.  
4. Differences do happen in every relationship. But never go to bed with an argument unsettled.
5. Understand your partner.
6. If an argument comes, choose to be a good listener.
7. Forgiveness is the best tool to revive your love.

Sonakshi Kishore/JPN