With this new personalized printer you do not have to wait for the newspaper vendor to deliver the morning newspaper. The Little Printer is a cloud-connected device and features characteristics unlike conventional printers.
The personalized printer will print the news, feeds and messages onto rolls of thermal paper.

From a personalised feed of news, messages, and things to amuse you, everything is printed onto rolls of thermal paper, making internet more personalized. Whether it is messages from friends or your own letters, they can be sent directly to the machine.

The new printer connects to your email account and other websites and fetch whatever is feed in it. The emails or messages are sent directly to the machine to be printed.

The machine gives grainy prints with black and white resolution. The printer is also capable of printing images.

The Little Printer which is available for USD199 on the Little Printer website, wired.com has a cartooned face and is supported by two orange legs.