London: Hollywood actress Liv Tyler says she likes to collect perfumes with fragrances that evoke memories of her past.

The 34-year-old still has scents she liked as a teenager and can't bring herself to throw any of them away because the fragrances evoke many different memories for her, she reported.

"I have a collection of fragrances I've had since I was a teenager - I don't wear them, I just smell them for the memories. I wear Very Irresistible - it's delicious- but I think it smells better on my grandmother," Tyler said.

The actress also said she takes three hours to prepare for a red carpet event but tries to make getting ready as fun as possible.

"If I'm going to an evening event I book three hours for hair and make-up. This morning I was rushed as I only had an hour and a half and they were double teaming me!

"I like to get ready in the kitchen at my house so we all sit around the table and try outfits on, have a bottle of rose, listen to music and have a giggle."