Indore: Senior BJP leader LK Advani on Tuesday alleged that recent reshuffle of Union Council of Ministers was effected to suit Congress' election compulsions.

"Honest ministers were demoted and punished (in Cabinet reshuffle) while those who matter in elections are allotted berths in the Manmohan Singh Cabinet," he said in the valedictory address at Global Investors Summit here.

Advani said he was disappointed with "spate of scams tumbling out of the Centre's closet".

"Aaj jitna nirash hota hun, utna pahle nahi tha...ek ke baad ek scam ho rahein hain (I am feeling much disappointed today than ever before...One scam after another is coming to the light. Today's scams have surpassed the magnitude of Bofors scam," he said.

Advani said Rajiv Gandhi government was embroiled in Bofors scam even though it had won 1984 elections with unprecedented majority. "However, the government lost due to Bofors scam in the next elections," he said.

Lauding Madhya Pradesh government for upholding "transparency and good governance", Advani said the BJP-ruled states are best in terms of governance and progress because they are ruled by "honest" leaders.

"While Delhi style of governance deters investors, Bhopal style of governance is attracting investors," he added.  On Narendra Modi, Advani said if "any leader, be it Shivraj Singh Chouhan or Modi, grows in stature, then it's a healthy sign for the party which is like a huge family".

Advani said concerted implementation of pro-people policies and transparent governance is the need of the hour for poverty alleviation.

"If any state wants to come out of the sick state category, it should have a clear policy, decision-making ability and good governance at its disposal," he said.

Advani appealed to Shivraj Singh Chouhan government to implement computer literacy programme in Hindi.

He also appealed to businessmen to come forward to set up a 'Hindi Cinema Centre' in north India on par with the southern film industry.


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