Panaji: BJP leader L K Advani on Wednesday hit out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the 2G note issue and demanded answers on the PMO's role in the scam.

"The country has to know how much was PMO's responsibility and how is the finance minister responsible," Advani told reporters here.

The note had sought to suggest that P Chidambaram, as then Finance Minister in 2008, could have prevented the 2G scam by insisting on auctioning the spectrum.

Advani also accused the Congress of making its ally DMK a "scapegoat" in the 2G case.

"You can't try to make one of your alliance partners a scapegoat for all the corruption that has been going on in the government," he said.

Advani, who is in Goa as part of his anti-graft yatra, said, "Congress as a party is no less responsible than any of the alliance partners for the corruption.

 "I have no sympathy for any alliance partner. I have no sympathy for anyone indulging in corruption. I hope, when Parliament session begins this time, all the facts would be brought to the notice of the country and Parliament," he said.

The BJP leader is in Goa since Tuesday and would be leaving for Maharashtra this evening.