BJP patriarch Advani has always been skeptical over projection of Modi as PM candidate and the party is trying its best to mollify him over the issue. Though the veteran leader has maintained a stoic silence so far, one his close associates Sudheendra Kulkarni came out will all guns blazing at the Gujarat CM.
Attacking Modi, Sudheendhra expressed wonders over how a leader, who has ‘polarized’ the society and even his party can run a stable and effective government at the centre.
"A socially polarizing leader has polarized his own party. Can he run a smooth, stable and effective government at the Centre? THINK SERIOUSLY!" Kulkarni wrote on social networking website Twitter about Narendra Modi without naming him.
The timing of remarks made by Kulkarni, virtually considered as Advani's alter ego, is significant and being seen as echoing the BJP leader's views amid attempts to bring him around on Modi issue.
"Elections are seven months away. People want a change. But who will provide the change? Leaders who are polarizing the society?" said Kulkarni.
He maintained that there is no unanimity in the party about the Prime Ministerial candidate. "Question does arise that can such a leader ensure a smooth government and peace in the society," he said.
Amid hectic efforts to convince LK Advani on declaring the Gujarat Chief Minister as BJP's prime ministerial nominee ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Sushil Kumar Modi, a former Bihar deputy CM, said that the veteran leader had failed to gauge the public mood in this regard. Advani is appearing to be a stumbling block for the BJP in finalising Modi's name.
Sushil Kumar Modi also said that Advani had declared Atal Behari Vajpayee as the party's face in the past and he could have done the same for Narendra Modi today.
"Advaniji has failed to gauge the public mood. Advaniji himself declared Atalji as PM candidate. Now also he could have done the same for Namo," the chief of BJP's Bihar wing said on Twitter.
Later, he told TV channels that the entire country wants Modi, especially in Bihar, where both in rural and urban areas, BJP workers want Modi as the PM candidate.
"In my forty years of political life, I have never seen the frenzy and craze that Modi has managed to generate," he said, adding, "The entire country wants him, we have no other alternative," Sushil Kumar Modi said.
Sushil Kumar Modi, however, clarified that his tweet- politics is the only profession in which people aspire till their last. Ministerial berth can resurrect a dead politician?-was not aimed at Advani. "It is a general comment...Advani will remain our tallest leader," he said.


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