Chapra: Capable of changing political winds through his yatras, senior BJP leader LK Advani will roll out his Jan Chetna yatra from Jayaprakash Narayan’s birthplace. But this time, he will not be seen on a rath.

Advani will cover 7, 600 kms distance on highly equipped Volvo buses, helicopter and airplanes.

Former state president of Bihar Nand Kishore Yadav said that instead of travelling on a rath, Advani will travel across various states, towns, villages and reach Delhi through Volvo buses, helicopter and flights.

This approach is to establish a direct dialogue with the common men in this era of electronics, he added.

According to another BJP leader, Advani will commence his yatra on the occasion of JP Jayanti on October 11 and will reach Sitabdiara (JP’s village) via helicopter after which he will start his yatra from Chapra on bus.

“The motive of this 40-day yatra is to initiate a dialogue process among maximum people across the nation,” he said.

When being asked why is it termed as a rath yatra when rath is nowhere in the picture, the BJP leaders say that it is about the image created after seven rath yatras but Advani will not be seen on a rath.

However, the common men are seeing his Jan Chetna Yatra as a rath yatra only.