Banda: Just two days before the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Banda, the agonising issue of suicide by farmers reeling under acute financial crisis in the Bundelkhand region has re-emerged on the surface. To address a public gathering, Singh was in Banda on Saturday.

38-year-old resident of Padmai village, Jag Prasad Tiwari alias Bada Bhaiyya was under mental stress after receiving a notice for loan recovery. A prominent figure of the village, Tiwari owns 28 bigha agricultural land. Residents of Padmai village referred Tiwari as a descendant of ‘Zamindar’ family, but he was finding it extremely tough to maintain the status due to poor financial condition.

On the Kisan Credit Card of his grandfather, Tiwari took a loan of Rs 1 lakh. The amount was used to manage the expenses for his sister’s marriage. Thereafter, he took another loan, and the amount was used for family expenses.

Tiwari had planned that he would return back the debt after a good agricultural yield. However, scanty rainfall denied a good agricultural yield in the region.

After getting the recovery challan for the loan, Tiwari decided to opt for the extreme step. A bereaved father, Uma Shankar Tiwari said, “I have requested the Gram Pradhan to give me some work, as the responsibility of getting one more daughter married is still on my shoulders.”