In a memorandum to the team of Union HRD Ministry, the local students said the demand for permanent presence of central security forces at the institute can make it vulnerable to disturbances owing to political events outside the campus.
"We are all aware of the volatile nature of Kashmir region. Presence of central security or armed security forces of any type will only make the campus (and subsequently, its students) vulnerable to disturbance owing to political events outside college," the memorandum reads.
"Let's make this very clear. They are demanding the presence of armed security on the grounds of an educational institute. This is not acceptable here, or anywhere in the world. In the past, security forces used to reside in the hostel. This set a tone of hostility and fear amongst every student and parent," they said.
The local students recalled the widespread protests across Kashmir in 2008 and 2010, saying not a single outstation student was harmed during these incidents.

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