London: American actress Lindsay Lohan is being roped in to appear in a publication which will feature ‘full frontal nudity’ and ‘graphic shots’ with actor James Franco have been.

It is also reported that Lohan signed a 2.1 million pounds deal to appear on the front page.

"Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay and James to get involved. He has assured them it will be provocative but tasteful. There will be a lot of nakedness - some of it graphic and suggestive - but it will be a real statement book,” said a source.

Sources also say that Lindsay is struggling to get another break in Hollywood.

"Obviously there will be comparisons to Madonna's 1992 'Sex' book. But James and Lindsay believe theirs will be classier.  Lindsay wants people to see the real her, not a drunken, out of control caricature she has become,” the source added.