London: Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan believes agreeing to a Playboy shoot has been a good move for her.
Michael insists he has no problem with his 25-year-old daughter's decision to bare all in the pages of Hugh Hefner's famous men's magazine as long as she is comfortable with her decision.
"It's a move in a direction where she's working. If she's happy with it, I'm happy with it," Michael said.
Although he is comfortable with her shoot, Michael said he hasn't seen it and doesn't want to.
"I haven't seen it and I never look at it, any of it."
Michael, 51, also refuses to watch any of his daughter's racy movies.
"I heard it's classy (the Playboy shoot). She did some movies that were a little risque at times and I couldn't even go to the movies and watch it. I wanted to, but I couldn't."