Los Angeles: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has claimed that Lindsay Lohan's nude photo spread is helping the men's magazine break sales records.
"The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records," Hefner posted on Twitter. Sources at the magazine said that newsstands around the country are re-ordering the issue after selling out.
Lohan, 25, was reportedly paid close to USD 1 million to pose for the photos taken in a style reminiscent of the nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe that graced the debut issue of Playboy in 1953.
Unlike Lohan, Monroe was reportedly paid just USD 50 for the 1949 photo shoot that produced the image that was bought by Hefner after she became a star. A Playboy spokesman would not give sales numbers, but the official did say it was selling "very well."
The Playboy job was a rare moneymaking opportunity for Lohan, whose acting career has been hampered in the past two years by frequent trips to court, probation restrictions, extended drug rehab stints and several visits to jail.
Her legal woes stem from two drunken-driving convictions in 2007, a necklace theft conviction in 2011 and several probation violations.