It is universally known that India is a land of festivals. When it comes to Lohri in our country, the degree of excitement doubles. It is not only celebrated to mark onset of longer days but also associated with almost all the occasions that Indians celebrate enthusiastically.

Take a look at the celebrations that are associated with Lohri and deluge in the aura of felicity.

Lohri as harvesting season festival

India's primary occupation is agriculture therefore Lohri holds an indispensable place in agrarians' life. Lohri marks the celebration of harvesting rabi crops including sugarcane products like jaggery which is among cardinal sweet dishes of Lohri celebration.

Lohri is associated with newly wed couples celebration

The first Lohri of newly wed couples is deemed to an auspicious day for them. They dress in traditional and brightest attire and come to dance the bhangra and gidda to the beat of the dhol. Punjabi songs are sung and everybody rejoices.

Lohri is associated with new born child celebration

Punjabis welcome the new born child with exuberance on Lohri. A grand celebration is arranged for the newly born. Gifts, innumerable blessings and good wishes are showered upon the baby.

Lohri associated with Uttarayan

On the occasion of Uttarayan, people of Gujarat fly kites. Similarly, kite flying on Lohri is popular in some parts of Punjab. People get onto their roof tops and fly kites of various sizes and colours and in night a bonfire is created and people groove to the beats of dhol and Punjabi songs.

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