Considering the distance and the paid amount, the DMRC has announced that the passengers may stay inside the premises from 65 minutes to 180 minutes. Those who will be violating DMRC directions will be penalised from today.

Earlier, the maximum time limit to stay inside the premises was 170 minutes. It was then noticed that even those who covered less distance would stay inside the station for longer periods. This is one of the main reasons behind the overcrowded metro stations.

It has been noted that it is mostly the youths who stay inside the station for over definite hours. With an aim to regulate the crowds, the DMRC has amended rules regarding the time limit.

As per the new rules, those who would be travelling for nine stations, or paying an amount of Rs 18, can stay inside the premises for 65 minutes. For those who are travelling to 14 stations, or paying Rs 23, can extend their stay to a maximum of 100 minutes.

For those who would be paying over Rs 23 for their journey are allowed to stay inside the premises for 180 minutes.

Though the changes in the rules were made from January 11, the passengers were not penalised till January 31.

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