New Delhi: The recent incidence of Anna's supporter, who entered the Parliament Annexe on a visitors’ pass and held protest in support of the Gandhian, has made the Parliament Secretariat cautious of the number of visitors’ gallery passes being issued by the Parliamentarians.

Talking pro-active step, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has asked the members to restrict issuing of such to their husband, wife, kids and close relatives and requested them to issue not more than two passes per day for the ongoing session of the Parliament.

The Secretariat has asked the Parliamentarians to take precautions in issuing of visitors’ gallery pass.

In a letter issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Monday, it was reminded to the MPs that the responsibilities of the kind of people who are getting such passes lie completely with them.

The decision has been taken in the wake of the August 27 incidence when Manjeet Singh Grewal, a resident of Haryana, held protest in the Parliament Annexe. He entered the premise on a visitor's pass issued by Congress MP Anant Rama Reddy.