Bhopal: Jabalpur based NGO on Friday filed a complaint with Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta about an alleged scam of Rs 500 crore involving purchase of transformers, studs and clamps by three power distribution companies in the state.

The complaint was filed by Nagrik Upbhokta Margdarshak Manch (NUMM), a consumer protection NGO. The NGO has provided all the relevant documents in this regard.

Nagrik Upbhokta Margdarshak Manch chairman Dr P G Nagpande said, “Power distribution companies on the basis of false or fake test reports in east, central and west region, brought substandard transformers, studs and clamps.”

The complainant added that all three companies also doctored the repairing and renovation reports. Studs and clamps were sub-slandered that increased failure rate of transformer by 30 percent.

It was alleged that in 2009, power distribution companies purchased 55,673 transformers for eastern region and 63,424 in 2010. The total losses are estimated around Rs 119.9 crore. In the last two years, a scam of Rs 400 crore was reported in purchase of 4 lakh transformers.

Nagpande stated, “Before purchasing transformers, it is mandatory to test them in central laboratories based in Bhopal and Gujarat but it was deliberately ignored.”

“Under the centrally-sponsored Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification scheme, rejected transformers were purchased from Hyderabad based company in which all companies swindled Rs 30,000 crore and this led to a sharp rise in the failure rates of transformers in rural areas,” he said.