Lucknow: Following the refusal by the Uttar Pradesh government to consider UP Lokayukta Justice NK Malhotra’s recommendation for a CBI probe against Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Nasimuddin Siddiqui, the Lokayukta feels that the body would soon lose its relevance if the government behaves in such a manner.

The state government had said that the Lokayukta report hasn’t questioned Siddiqui’s actions and decisions as a Minister hence ‘in context to the report, it would be injustice to order a CBI probe.’


In your recommendations, you have even raised questions against the relatives of Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Naseemuddin Siddiqui?

The complaint was made because they have accumulated disproportionate assets out of the blackmoney earned by Siddiqui.

Do you think the government is adopting ‘Pick and chose’ formula to initiate probe?

I do not think so, as the Chief Minister is empowered to take decision on recommendation made by the Lokayukta. But it is different issue altogether that whether I am satisfied with the CM’s decision or not.

Now what’s your next step on government decision over Nasimuddin issue?

Now I am examining the government’s stance over Naseemuddin. Also I am looking into the corruption cases in which over a dozen of ministers and three dozen MLAs are involved

In this case, are you going to send a special report to the Governor? What necessary steps the Governor can take?

Only after going through the government’s decision, I will be in a position to comment on. If I am not satisfied with the decision, I will certainly send the report to the Governor. Following which the Governor has power to direct the government to table the report on floor of the assembly house.

If the recommendations are not considered, is there a provision to approach the court?

My recommendations cannot be challenged but the decisions of the government can always be challenged in the court.

What kind of rights do you want?

If a proposed Bill sent to the Union Law Minister is implemented, the public servants involved in corruption cannot escape from the scanner of the Lokayukta. As, the Chief Minister, Chancellor, Chief Secretary, Registrar or the village headmen will come under the purview of the Lokayukta and the ombudsman will automatically be able to take cognizance of the corruption cases against them. It will be empowered to raid the property of the accused, take help from intelligence agencies and look into the cases.

Is there any political interference in the Lokayukta’s domain?

It is not easy to interfere with the appointment and removal process of the Lokayukta. But, the CM is free to act on the recommendations made by the Lokayukta. It may be construed as an indirect interference.

It is being said that you were appointed as the Lokayukta by the SP government, that’s why you are harsher towards the BSP ministers?

Now what can I say about this. If someone thinks so, he will see after March 16 that I will remain unbiased in my investigations against the ministers of the new government.

(JPN/ Bureau)