New Delhi: With the government opposing demands to bring the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and MPs' corrupt acts inside Parliament under its purview, the Lokpal Bill drafting committee on Monday appeared headed for a collision course for settlement again.

"Today's meeting was quite disastrous," a two-page statement issued by the Civil Society movement after Monday's meeting said giving details of the demands made and government's rejection of them.

The statement said, "definitely, government's intentions are suspect. Please prepare yourself for the next huge movement in the country. We will go to government meetings in the next few meetings.” "We will try our best to persuade the government to a strong and effective Lokpal Bill. But if the government disagrees, we should be ready to taking to streets," it said.

The strong statement came after the activists led by Anna Hazare, who are members of the Joint Drafting Committee on the Bill, accused the government of being "hostile" and showing "immensely negative attitude" to their suggestions because of which today's meeting ended in a "compete disaster".

At the fifth meeting of the joint committee, the Civil Society activists pushed for the inclusion of Prime Minister, higher judiciary and MPs, including their actions inside Parliament, armed forces and entire bureaucracy under the Lokpal's ambit.

However, the government nominees opposed these demands saying inclusion of the Prime Minister would make him dysfunctional. They told the civil society members that they would seek views of state governments and political parties on "issues of divergence" and get back to them at the next meeting on June six.

Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, both members of the committee, said they did not agree with the government stand and if it is accepted, then it will leave only 2,000 officials under the ambit of the Lokpal.

"Today's meeting was a complete disaster. We may walk out after the June six meeting if there is no forward movement. If there is some positive movement in the next meeting, if there is a glimmer of hope, we will continue," Kejriwal said.

Kapil Sibal, however, expressed confidence that the bill for a strong and effective Lokpal will be a reality.

"We must provide the country with a transparent legislation as corruption is an issue which concerns everybody. We remain committed to provide the people an effective Lokpal," he said.

Lokpal panel to consult states, parties

The joint Lokpal Bill drafting committee on Monday decided to seek the views of states and political parties on 'issues of divergence' on the proposed legislation.

'In the discussions, unfortunately, we found the response of the government not very reasonable... We are a bit disappointed,' Bhushan said.

He said the two sides had differing views on bringing the prime minister and the higher judiciary in the ambit of Lokpal and some other issues.

The government wants the 'prime minister and higher judiciary out for different reasons', he said.

Bhushan said the government also did not want actions of MPs in parliament to be brought under Lokpal Bill and wanted the proposed authority to cover only officers of rank of joint secretary and above.

He expressed apprehension that the committee may not be able to finish its work of drafting the bill by June 30.