New Delhi: Taking a step further for the drafting of an effective legislation to counter rampant corruption in the country, the second meeting of Joint Drafting Committee of the Lokpal Bill was held on May 2.

During the meeting, Anna Hazare along with representatives put forth their views for the purpose and need of the Bill and also discussed about the main provisions of the draft. In the next meeting scheduled for May 7, government is expected to keep its viewpoint on the draft.

Committee Co-chairman, Shanti Bhushan, for the first time elaborately kept his points before the panel. Bhushan also said his anti-corruption draft is based on United Nations Declaration, which has also been signed by India.

Understanding the importance of the Bill, Chairman of the Committee Pranab Mukherjee said if required the committee can hold daily meetings after June.

Anna Hazare raised the issue of video recording of each meeting. In this regard, Mukherjee assured that a final decision in the regard would be taken in the next meeting.

After the meeting, Kapil Sibal said the meeting was quite effective and the attitude of committee members was extremely cooperative.

Three days before the meeting, non-government members of the committee were provided several documents regarding the Lokpal Bill. The documents included all the drafts of Lokpal Bill which have been presented in Parliament, the Parliamentary Standing Committee report and the opinions of several people on the issue.

The Joint Drafting Committee of the Lokpal Bill, will next meet on May 7, 23 and 30.