New Delhi: Even as the fast undertaken by Anna Hazare is gathering nationwide support and the deadlock between Team Anna and the Centre refuses to resolve, BJP senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi has advised both the sides to soften their stands.

Joshi conceded that due to the stubbornness and immature approach of the Centre a stalemate situation has aroused and advised Team Anna to abstain from being violent in their methods.

Joshi said, “When people have started raising their voices against corruption, right message should be sent across the nation.” Every political party should understand that more dilly-dally on the issue won’t suffice and hence right decision at the right time should be taken, he added.

Joshi, who thinks the awakening of the masses on the Jan Lokpal Bill is a positive sign, also warned of its adverse effect. He said, “The best thing about this is that the entire nation has come forward for a single cause. However, as people are more emotionally attached with this campaign now, they are aloof of the constitutional procedures.” So it becomes necessary to have awareness for this as well, he added.

Joshi, who held MPs responsible for such a situation, said if people lose confidence in the parliamentary procedure this will create extremely dangerous situation.