New Delhi: Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Sunday said the Lokpal if made a law will create fear among wrongdoers like the way the "chopping of hands of thieves" does in UAE.
Addressing protesters at the fast venue of Anna Hazare and yoga guru Ramdev, Bedi also asked people not to vote for those politicians who are opposed to Lokpal in the next elections.
"There is no democracy in UAE. The hands of thieves are chopped off there. There is a fear of law. If CBI is under the control of Lokpal, wrongdoers will have the same fear", said Bedi who is also on fast along with other Team Anna members Arvind Kejriwala and Manish Sisodia.
She said people should take this fight from the panchayat level to the Lok Sabha level. Reiterating the demand for an SIT probe against the Prime Minister and 14 Cabinet Ministers, she said, the CBI should be independent of the government.
"If the probe says that the Prime Minister and ministers are clean, well and good. But if there are some who have done wrong, they should be punished", she said. She also alleged that efforts were being made to create differences between Hazare and Ramdev but said this will not succeed.
In Bangalore, another Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde said the movement will go far ahead from now on as Hazare and Ramdev have come together. "My full support is there. We will be able to achieve what we are fighting for", he said.
Another activist Manish Sisodia said in New Delhi that by participating in the fast organised by Ramdev, they were not diluting the fight for Lokpal. Sisodia said Team Anna was in full support of the cause of Ramdev. "This dharna has been organised by Ramdev and his team and they have mobilised the people. We have also asked our volunteers to participate. There is no division among them", he said.
He said the proposed July dharna is exclusively for the issue of Lokpal. "We are not getting Lokpal because of corrupt ministers", he alleged.


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