Jaunpur: RTI activist and member of the joint committee to draft Lokpal Bill Arvind Kejriwal reiterated on Saturday that the present movement of the Civil Society was a decisive battle against corruption.

“It’s now or never. Once the Lokpal Bill is passed, people will have reins of the country in their hands,” said Kejriwal while addressing a gathering at Wajidpur while on way from Varanasi to Sultanpur.

Kejriwal added that the Bill would also stop the dominance of people sitting at the constitutional posts.

He said that powerful and corrupt people were trying their best to stop the passage of the Bill by tarnishing the image of the members representing the Civil Society on the Lokpal panel.

“They are trying to malign the image of members in the drafting committee and break our team. But, we will not let them be successful in their conspiracy,” he said.

Lashing out at people for targeting Shanti Bhushan, he said, “Bushan is a lawyer who has fought a case against the emergency invoked by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.”

Speaking on the occasion, social activist Swami Agnivesh said the campaign has transformed into a mass movement.