It all started when Ayan failed to pacify nervousness and examination fear of his 17-year-old girlfriend. He devised a weird plan of dressing up like her and sneaking into examination hall. Unfortunately, he couldn't succeed in his plan and was caught doing the same.

Wearing a black wig, applying make-up and putting on his girlfriend's attire, Ayan was all set to sit in the Unified National Test Examinations, which is mandatory for students in Kazakhstan to secure a place in the university.

But during the test, an examiner got suspicious and spotted him. He found the photo printed on the identity card is different. Thereafter, he was pulled aside for questioning and held guilty.


Later, Ayan was fined with a massive amount of Rs 1,40,000 with his girlfriend being asked to appear in the examinations next year.

Although whatever Ayan did, is unfair, he has for sure become the real epitome of love and perfect definition of a loyal boyfriend for many teenagers in Kazakhstan.



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