Bhojpuri films have their own charm and presence especially their funny, loud and over expressive movie titles. We list some hand-picked humorous and epic Bhojpuri  movie titles that will take you to a real roller-coaster rides of uncontrollable emotions and laughter.

Note: The story is just a part of slight rumour, we don't wish to hurt anyone's sentiments. Have a look:

 Ok, so the first poster seems to be truly hilarious with the film's title resembling the popular Hindi cinema character of Gabbar Singh. But the above Bhojpuri title is double meaning and very close to what we popularly know ie cowdung.

'Chapra Express'! Surely no other train in India would be lucky enough to have this as its name. In your lifetime you surely need to travel in 'Chapra Express' once, to get the Chapra experience.


If you have completed with your laughter, then just wait this poster will again take you for a true laughter ride. The Bhojpuri industry has a  message for our beloved rickshawalas, that is as follows: 'Rickshawala, I love you'.


'Ai Balma Biharwaala', another LOL poster from Bhojpuri industry.


Another funny Bhojpuri poster that comments on extraordinary husband and wife characteristics. Truly Bollywood has badly failed in expressing the same.


Another entertaining Bhojpuri movie poster, 'Ajab Devara Ki Gajab Bhaujaai'. Seriously no other film would have explained the devar-bhabi relationship so front forwardly.

This gem movie poster carries a very interesting title. You will touch the heights of laughter.


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