New Delhi: Women suffering from cancer of uterus or ovary need an immediate treatment but at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi they have to wait at least for six to 12 months for treatment, a survey conducted by the Department of Hospital Administration found.

Dr Shakti Gupta, head of the department of hospital administration said, “Uterus or ovarian cancer should be treated immediately… within four to six months. The cancer can invade and damage tissues and organs such as vagina, bone, brain, liver etc. Any delay in the treatment of malignant tumour can have an adverse effect  and the delay might not help in curing the disease. It can be a threat to life.”

The study also stated that the waiting period for surgery is between four months and two years and brain tumours six months and two years. To undergo a simple MRI scan the waiting period is 24 months and for CAT scan it is four months, the study said.

"This long waiting period is because there is shortage of specialists in the country and also that patients from all over the country are referred to AIIMS. Situation is such that today, 453 faculties and more than 1200 resident doctors handle nearly 15 lakh patients every year," Dr Gupta said.

The study further reported, 54 percent of the patients who visit AIIMS are from the city alone, 16 percent are from Uttar Pradesh, 12 percent from Haryana, 8 percent from Bihar, 2 percent from Rajasthan, 7 percent from other states and remaining 1 percent from outside the country.

“The cost of surgeries and treatment is the least at AIIMS in comparison with other hospitals, thus leading to this long waiting list. A bypass surgery which costs only Rs 60,000 here will cost over Rs two lakh at private hospitals. While the cost of spine surgery here is Rs 15 thousand will cost more than Rs one lakh at private hospitals,” Dr Gupta added.

As per the study, the AIIMS provides 24-hour free emergency care to more than 2 lakh patients per year at a cost of approximately Rs 12 crore.