The two of them may also look like a lesbian couple in their wedding photograph but they are not. They are actually a heterosexual couple, where the husband Dmitry Kozhukhov (who likes to be called as Alina Davis) dresses and lives like a woman and his wife Ellison Brux, is a born woman.

It was difficult for the couple to get a marriage license as Russian authorities prohibit gay and lesbian marriages. However they managed to get a license as they were ultimately a heterosexual couple, though the man dresses like a woman. Also the ‘gender’ of transgender Alina is written as male on her birth certificate and ID.

Dmitry considers himself ‘androgynous,’ which means that he doesn’t fit neatly into one gender identity. Alina believes that their wedding sends a powerful message to Russian couples who may be in relationships which are not accepted by the society.

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