Mumbai, Jan 08 (Agencies):  Ratan Rajput is looking forward to tie the knot on Imagine's 'Ratan Ka Rishta: Swayamavar - Season 3' and wants a 'very mature' guy to compliment her immature self.

'I am looking for a really very mature and understanding guy because I am not mature enough at all in reality. I am not at that stage right now; so I need someone to fill that space in my life. Ratan jhalli hai (Ratan is not so smart) and she needs a really understanding person to take care of her in every which way possible,' said Ratan.
'You know, I used to be a last bencher. I never wanted to study. I always wanted to get married since Class 7. That was my dream. And I felt this is the right time for me,' the petite actress added.

Daughter of a retired joint commissioner (sales tax) and a homemaker in Bihar, Ratan is the youngest of five sisters among six siblings. The 'aadha darjan ki toli' (half a dozen pack), as she calls it, rounds up with a 'doted upon' younger brother.

While kids of her age were learning to tie their laces, Ratan was dreaming about her Mr. Right.

'I always used to see my eldest sister (Seema Chauhan) and the way her life was settled after marriage. So I used to be really fascinated by her lifestyle. In fact, I find my jijaji (brother-in-law) as a hero. I wish he had four more brothers so all of us sisters could be settled,' she said, giggling.

Still grounded in her values and traditions despite the success of her 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' and her debut show 'Radha Ki Betiyan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi', Ratan has  successfully managed to cloak herself from the Mumbai air, as they call it.

Hailing from Samastipur town in Mithilanchal district, Ratan says that her academics boast of 'nothing much but a graduation' in 'home science'. She also joins her hands every second minute to look sky wards and thank 'him' for his 'blessings and omnipresence'.

'I have always followed this and believed that god will make things fall into place. I have never planned anything in life. And I always believe that one should not do anything with even one percent doubt in mind. I am very lucky. My family has always been with me. This decision ('Swayamvar') too was taken after discussing with them,' she said.

However, the previous two seasons saw twisted fates in the case of her predecessors Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan's marriages. But Ratan is undeterred.

'There is nothing certain in life and when it comes to marriage, whether it is love, arranged or a 'Swayamvar', I'm confident I'll get a good partner for life,' she said with her chin up.

'I haven't seen the earlier seasons but I have learnt lessons from marriages in the society. Marriages work on two people, their families, the adjustments they do and the high and the low moments they share with each other. I am confident my wedding will be a success,' she declared.

But isn't she scared of the controversies?

'You know there are no controversies in a marriage but there are obstacles. And this is not about creating any headlines but having a good partner for life,' rattan added.

Rumours are also abuzz that her 'Swayamvar' might face delay or trouble due to shooting clashes with her show current show.

Asked about it, she said: 'See for people it might be a show ('Swayamvar') but for me it is my life. However, both the things will go hand in hand, and none of them will hamper the other.'

But will she bid adieu to acting post marriage?

'That depends. It will be a mutual decision between me and my husband. Since we'll be together during 'Swayamvar' for over a month, so probably he will understand that this is my job and I do this for my gratification and not for money. My identity is because of this and even if he is meeting me, it is due to this. So I don't think there will be a problem as such,' she smiled.