‘Love is blind’, this adage was coined by Shakespeare. But have you given a second thought on this. Is love really blind? Guys are always in haste, they never take time to say the three magical letters ‘I love you’. But do they really understand what they say? Relationships never happen in a moment or a day. Give time to understand, build trust and get compatible with your partner. It’s important to open your mind before losing your heart to anyone.  

A little mistake

We begin to fall in love with almost every date and when the similar love is not returned then ego hurts. Love is not a fast food, it needs time to happen. You are not going to like everyone and everyone is not going to like you as well. Never forget this.

When in love, be patient. Hurry can cost you heavily. Besides getting your lovely dreams shattered, you may end up losing a friend.  Remember one-sided feelings are always painful.

Love demands  

It is very important to be cautious before getting into any relationship. The concept of  blind love doesn’t exist anymore. Faith plays pivotal role for love relations. So, it’s necessary to act wisely and be practical in a relationship. A little mistake can put you in trouble. Key to healthy relationship is…..

1. Love is like walking on a double edged sword. It’s a learning process that goes on throughout your life.

2. Always believe in your individuality. Don’t take your partner for granted. It’s important to maintain respect and dignity in a relation.

3. Love needs time. You must wait for your Mr or Miss perfect.

4. Money can’t buy love. Pampering your partner with lovely gifts is a nice idea to spice up romance. But it must not be the basis of measuring your partner’s love for you.

5. Never forget your limitations. Love is all about trust. According to Center for Disease Control (CFD) report, 3 million people in their age group 15-19 years are affected from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). So, never

compromise on your body and life.

6. Being in love is magical, but one should never be dependent on it. Dependency is bad for your inner growth and confidence.

7. Even if love is an emotional bonding, it should not be taken for granted. It’s important to think practically at times.

8. Love never exploits. It’s better to move on in life if you are mentally or physically tortured in your relationship.    

Self-discipline is important   

Teenage is deemed to be most turbulent patch of life span as it is loaded with host of responsibilities and endless ambitions.  Psychological counselor, Poonam Kaamdar says, attraction is very usual among teenagers.

Sometimes attraction too leads to a healthy love relation. But good things never happen always. It’s better to be careful to avoid any untoward incident in life. Have good friends who will guide you in difficult times. Never go with any stranger alone. Always prefer public places for your first date.

Never hide things from your parents even if you are wrong, Kaamdar emphasises.  

Open mind and believe you heart

Actor-Model Pooja Bedi suggests you to be cautious in your relationship. Bedi says, my experiences taught me never to lose mind when in love. Mind speaks your individuality. Days have passed when people gave up everything for sake of love. Now love demands a lot. It’s very necessary to think about your relation time and again. Heart can drive you in a utopian world but mind will always keep you intact.  

Courtesy: Sakhi (Indira Rathore)