Moscow: A Russian satellite that was lost in space may pose a threat to other space vehicles or satellites, an official said. Heavy satellite Express-AM4 was lost on Aug 18, a source from the Russian space industry said.

The source said that the Express-AM4 'will stay on its orbit for years or even for decades'.

It may even collide with other telecommunication satellites from Glonass and GPS groups as well as with the Globalstar and Iridium satellites, the source said.

However, the lost satellite posed no danger to the International Space Station (ISS) because it was on a higher orbit.

Russia's space monitoring system, a subdivision of the Russian Space Forces, is working with the US United Space Operations Centre to locate the Express-AM4's position before further launches of new space vehicles.

Russian Space Forces has little hope of regaining control of the Express-AM4 because its batteries were discharged soon after it separated from its booster.