Anthropologists from the University of California, Santa Barbara, also found that the increase in oxytocin was greater for those men who were absent longer, and it positively correlated with changes in testosterone."Our goal was to look at the interaction between different hormones in motivating behaviour in a naturalistic context," said Adrian Jaeggi, the paper's co-lead author and a post-doctoral scholar.

Another interesting correlation is that the average Tsimane hunt lasts eight and a half hours, roughly equivalent to a workday in the modern world," the authors wrote.Oxytocin levels indicate how much you value another person. It is like a physiological measure of the value of the relationship. For example, fall in love with someone and your oxytocin level will skyrocket whenever your sweetheart is near, both literally and figuratively."Even talking to someone on the phone is enough to cause that oxytocin increase," Jaeggi continued.

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