Mumbai: She is young, vivacious and has played the love struck romantic in reel life, but Sonam Kapoor confesses that she has not been lucky when it came to love in real life. Born with a silver spoon, the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor and former model Sunita was said to be dating "I Hate Luv Storys" director Punit Malhotra and was also romantically linked to her "Mausam" co-star Shahid Kapoor.

You have been linked to many of your colleagues, but you somehow don’t seem to be in a healthy relationship?
My love life has been quite unsuccessful. I am single, but I think human beings have the capacity to love. I feel love is not a restricted feeling. I don't think you can fall in love only once. You can fall in love over and over again. We have the capacity and we have the heart to do that.

Your chemistry with Dhanush in Raanjhanaa is impeccable, was it easy to bring up that chemistry on screen?
Chemistry is not between two people, it's between two characters. Chemistry gets created by moments. For example, Shahid and Kareena had done many films together, but people never spoke about their chemistry. But when they did Jab We Met because of the scenes and their roles, people liked it.

Chemistry can be created through acting, scenes and the way the director projects it. It is a very overdone and over spoken thing. Where you nervous while shooting in Varanasi for Raanjhanaa?
I was nervous doing it, but it wasn't difficult. About 200 people were there when I gave my first shot. I was in a school uniform for the shot and was surrounded by men. They accepted us very well, but I was nervous while shooting.

Dhanush is a superstar down South, so was language a barrier for him while delivering dialogues?Yes, he is not familiar with Hindi and he struggled with the dialogues. But I feel that when it comes to emotions, language has never been a barrier. He is very quiet and modest he worked hard on the language. When it comes to emotions, you don't need a language to express it. He expressed himself beautifully. He is such a creative person.

Many of your films boomed at Box Office, any regrets for that?
I don't regret anything because when I was doing films like Thank You and Mausam, I decided to do the films that satisfied me. I don't look at films with their box-office success. I want that 20 years down the line, people should remember my films.

Raanjhanaa is slated to release on June 21.


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