London: A woman in Britain nearly had a 'heart attack' after learning that her 14-year-old son's romantic conversations with his new girlfriend have cost her over 900 pounds (over $1,400) in phone bills for the month.

When Luke Armstrong got his first girlfriend it was understandable that he wanted to spend every possible moment talking to her. But sadly Luke soon learned that love comes at a price -- 912 pounds to be exact, reported a daily.

"Luke got a girlfriend and was using the phone in the middle of the night and at lunch times at school to talk to her. It is quite sweet but when I realised what the bill was, I nearly had a heart attack," said Julie Muller, whose son was on 28 pounds a month phone contract.

Luke went over his 300-minute allowance last month -- increasing his bill from the usual 28 pounds a month to over 900 pounds.

His mother, from Moston, thinks the mobile companies should send warnings when the bill gets close to the limit.

"I think it's shocking that phone companies like 02 don't give you a warning when you get close to the allowance."

The phone company, meanwhile, has asked Muller to pay 168 pounds a month to clear the debt while blocking the phone's usage until the bill is paid off.