London (Agencies): Mobile phones seem to be proving more handy for the love-struck couples who can’t express their feelings face to face and so majority of the love birds in relationships are choosing to text the words ‘I love you’ to saying it to each other, says a new study in Britain.

The survey of 2,137 people in relationships across the UK found that 61 per cent texted "I love you" to their partner on a regular basis, compared to 22 per cent who told their face-to-face that they love them.

The research, conducted by mobile phone comparison site, also found that males were more likely to use text messages in expressing their feelings than their female counterparts.

When asked to stipulate how many times they text their partner per day, women averaged just once a day, whereas men said that, on average, they text their partner three times a day expressing their feelings, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Of the respondents who also texted "I love you" to their partners besides telling it, 11 per cent said it was because they felt guilty for not spending enough time with them, while 39 per cent said it was because they missed them while they were apart.

About 23 per cent of those surveyed said they thought their partner would actually appreciate a loving text more than just saying "I love you" when they left the house.

A quarter of respondents said it was because they thought their other half would "get annoyed" if they didn't include it in the text message.

When asked whether they had ever used a text message to end a relationship, 71 per cent of women surveyed said that they had.