LPG connection portability will be available in 480 districts, an official statement said here.

"These districts cover all possible LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) markets, which have multiple LPG distributors," it said.

The government had initially launched the portability scheme in 24 districts of 13 states in October last year.
With this, the LPG consumers can switch to a distributor of their choice within a cluster of dealers in the vicinity.

"This measure will bring great relief to those LPG consumers who are unhappy with the services of their current distributor or want to move to an LPG distributor closer to their home," according to the statement.
A consumer can chose an agency based on its track record. Service ratings of all distributors will be available online. After registering online, the consumers can identify local LPG distributors, along with their ratings, make their choice and submit their requests.
Once an online confirmation is given, they can approach the agencies of their choice to get the gas cylinders.     

"Today, this scheme is being launched on a full-fledged all-India basis by expanding its coverage to over 480 districts and a population of over 8.2 crore LPG consumers," it said.
While switching to a distributor of the same company is seamless, transferring the connection to another company is still difficult.
Since LPG equipment is not compatible across companies, the consumers have to surrender their cylinders and pressure regulators, collect refunds and transfer documents and then approach the distributor of their choice for a reconnection, according to the statement.
No transfer fee or additional security deposit will be charged for transferring connections under the portability scheme.

"This initiative is expected to usher in improvement in customer service by fostering healthy competition," the statement added.