Bollywood has come up with three cinemas having storyline on politics. Two of them have been released and another one will hit the screens next week. Besides, an announcement to release three more films has also been made.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections are going to witness a plethora of cine stars pumping in the glam quotient and testing their political acumen. Often considered as crowd puller, the celebrities’ popularity take a major surge ahead of elections as political parties rope in them to woo voters.

From Bollywood to Tollywood, a number of well-known faces are in electoral ‘Jai Ho’ as they are fighting elections this time. The film fraternity is making its voice heard for their ‘favourite’ candidates on social networking websites.

 ‘Youngistaan’ and ‘O Teri’ released this week on Friday revolve around the political theme. While ‘O Teri’ is meted out a lighter treatment to the issue of corruption among politicians, ‘Youngistaan’ narrates the story of a young man in late 20’s, who becomes Prime Minister after his father passes away and puts up a fight against dynastic politics.

Though it remains to be seen how both these flicks perform at the Box Office, they are surely in sync with the poll season prevalent across the country.

In ‘Youngistaan’, the protagonist says, “It does not matter if you cast your vote in my favour but you should definitely exercise your franchisee.”

Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, which was released last week, deals with the story of a ghost contesting elections against a corrupt leader and eventually emerging triumphant.

According to noted film analyst Jaiprakash Chokse, in the present juncture, both political parties and filmmakers are interdependent. In order to build a convincing ground, the parties need the ‘help’ of actors and actresses and on the other hand, the filmmakers try to harness the political season to rake in moolahs.

It’s mainly due to this very reason that political outfits are rallying behind celebrities like Rakhi Sawant. However, the movies, which are being promoted as political flicks contain lesser contents related to politics and it’s just a way to pull the audience according to prevalent mood.

Eminent filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is going to make a movie which will narrate the story of a bar girl, who becomes a well-known political personality, which is based on actress Sonam Kapoor’s novel ‘Battle For Bittora’.

Besides, veteran Bollywood actor and Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Ahmedabad-East constituency Paresh Rawal is planning to make a movie on the life of Narendra Modi. Another movie will be made on the life of Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray in which Anil Kapoor will be seen playing the lead role.


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