AAP was expecting to make its ‘broom swipe’ in other major cities after Delhi and Bangalore was one of those centers incorporated in the party’s scheme of things. However, Kejriwal is finding it tough to match up to Modi’s stature in this southern Indian city.

A chance conversation with anyone, especially the educated class provides a glimpse of the inclination, which is majorly confined between Congress and BJP.

Besides, the way Kejriwal left the chair of Delhi Chief Minister after being in power for just 49 days has also generated a negative image, which is further making him lose brownie points against Modi. And if the AAP is not that influential in urban areas, a similar state can also be stated of that of Janata Dal (Secular) in the state’s rural areas and most of the 28 seats of the state are going to witness a direct contest between Congress and BJP.

Though the results will be out by May 16, the overall scenario is, however, evolving gradually. It needs to be mentioned here that both Kejriwal and Modi share a special bond with Bangalore.

While Modi kicked-off his One India campaign from here, Kejriwal earned recognition as the ‘leading hero’ of social media from this city.   

Bangalore, which emerged as a major IT city of the country, gave massive wings to BJP’s flight in Karnataka and then provided crucial support via web to Arvind Kejriwal during the anti-graft campaign led by veteran social activist Anna Hazare.

Taking these factors into consideration, the AAP was in the lookout to repeat a la Delhi success in three major constituencies of the city – South, North and Central. The party also received a lions’ share of donation from Bangalore and in spite of that; Kejriwal could not emerge as a major factor in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Both Modi and Kejriwal may have kissed zenith in their respective ways in the web world but when the political battle narrows down to surface level, things undergo a major change. The BJP, which conceded defeat to Congress in the 2013 Assembly elections, seems to be regaining its lost ground riding on ‘Modi wave’.

Now, it would be interesting to see whether AAP can pull of any rabbit out of hats in this IT hub. It should be noted here that the working section of the people, especially the middle-class is pretty disappointed with the way Kejriwal resigned in Delhi. He is losing trust of the people and his reputation has also taken a beating. Also, he is being seen as an opportunist, who encashes on a situation and then deserts it mid-way.

On the other hand, Narendra Modi carries the tag of being an able-administrator, Hindu Hriday Samrat and the man who initiated a number of developmental schemes.


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