A day after polling in Delhi finished on Thursday, most of the party offices were desolated, mainly because all the tired workers were having a day off following hectic few weeks of ceaseless campaigning. However, the BJP office was packed once again by workers and leaders on Friday. A tea party was arranged for the party workers in the BJP office in Pant Marg in the evening.

BJP party president Dr Harshvardhan along with several other leaders expressed their gratitude towards the party workers for their tireless efforts. On pondering over the mood of the three major political parties in the national capital, the BJP workers appeared most upbeat and confident.

Despite BJP leaders making tall claims of winning all the seven seats owing to the Modi wave in the country, there are still few party leaders who are wary of the AAP because of their stunning performance in the Delhi assembly election last year.

They are of the opinion that the AAP candidates would give them stiff competition in the Lok Sabha elections here. They also fear that BJP candidates might lose out to AAP candidates on one or two seats with a very less margin.

On the other side, Congress office on Deen Dyal Upadhyaya Marg witnessed several leaders visiting it on Friday but no big-wig was present. The leaders who were present discussed the party performance in the general election in the capital.

The Congress leaders believe that their performance in the Lok Sabha election in Delhi would be much better than their ignominious tally in Delhi assembly elections last year.

However, the party leaders avoided commenting on the question of how many seats the party would win from here in the general election.

Meanwhile, AAP office situated at Hanuman Marg was full of hopeful activists but no major leader was seen there.

Buoyed by their success in the assembly elections last year, AAP workers claim that the party would win all the seven seats in Delhi but they also admitted that middle-class is upset with the party.

AAP would be once again banking on poor voters from slums this time around as they have vigorously campaigned.


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