"While I am fighting to save the nation, they are trying to prevent me from coming to power," Modi said while addressing an election rally here.

He further added that there will be several states where the Congress will not even open its account and that it is losing even in the Gandhi family home turf of Amethi.

Replying to Priyanka Gandhi's ‘neech rajneeti’ (low-level politics) barb, the Gujarat Chief Minster said, "The government refused to distribute food grain among the poor even after the Supreme Court's order. Grain was sold at Rs 80 for manufacturing liquor, isn't this ‘neech rajneeti’?

Attacking the UPA government for its foreign policy, Modi said, "Our jawans are beheaded and our government treats Pakistan prime minister to chicken biryani, isn't this neech rajneeti?"

Taking a jibe at Modi, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi earlier in the day said that people's thoughts and actions are low not their caste.

Rahul's comments came in the backdrop of Modi's remark that he is been targeted as he comes from a lower caste.


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