"At the time of election it is important that all the information that is around, being sourced from motivated people as part of their election campaign... The truth must reach people," said Sibal.
Sibal, who is the Lok Sabha MP from Chandni Chowk, had recently launched his campaign with the slogan ‘Aap Ka Apna Sibal’.
“I want to reach more and more people to tell them the truth not only about myself but the work that we have done as the government. It is important for us to put out the facts as they are instead of the misinformation that is going around, which is politically motivated,” he said.

Sibal, who already has presence on the Net through his website and another social network site Twitter, further said: “Nothing is late. People read Facebook on a daily basis. In the next 20 days or three weeks when they know more, they will realise that real Kapil Sibal is not the fake Kapil Sibal that BJP talks about. I think a lot of people will get to know about me."

“Real progress in India will only happen with a confluence and Congress of all stakeholders and ideas. I believe the future of India lies in conversations and collaborations, and inclusiveness. Here are my thoughts on India, and how we need to work together to maximize the potential of our people and the nation!” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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