As the election has reached its fag-end, it has become almost clear that the people will throw their weight behind those parties which would assure to be ‘strongest’.

From Assi Ghat to BHU main gate, there is only one prominent opinion – “What happens by simply talking? The one who can work should win.” This particular voice is resonating throughout the length and breadth of Purvanchal.

The BJP might be in a good position in Varanasi but it’s also a fact that the Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party have been in a comfortable position in the entire Purvanchal. Even the Congress flexed a bit of its muscle in 2009 general elections.

Now, as election dates are nearing, the contest has become more like a mind-game instead of being a ground-level political battle.

A person sipping tea at a tea-stall said, “Benaras needs leader as well as sewer,” which was an indirect dig at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal. Another person seated by his side stood up and said, “The one who delivers will be the leader. Benaras needs such a leader who would stand tall on the promises. Or else, there are also leaders who keep on shouting their lungs out daily but who is getting what?”

He also lets his preference known and said, “If Modi becomes the Prime Minister, he won’t be in the need to yelling at highest pitch.”

On a lighter note, AAP supporters say, “Even Kejriwal has shown that he is competent all alone.” All these talks are not just confined to the tea-stalls but there definitely remains a much bigger picture, which is yet to drawn during the poll day.

Even Narendra Modi could grasp this particular mood of the region and it’s mainly due to this very reason, he is presenting himself as a leader who not only makes promise but also delivers.

Addressing a gathering on Thursday, Modi said, “I do have the credentials to bring in development. If we can sell sand in Gujarat then it should be remembered that it’s Kashi.”

He was referring to the development of barren Rann of Kutch area into a tourist spot which attracts visitors from all over the world today.

Not only the leaders, even the saffron party workers are not missing out on any opportunity to remind the people of this region about its old glory and at the same time, they are not forgetting to mention about their leaders’ capacity to deliver.

It also needs to be mentioned here that BJP has only four seats in the Purvanchal region out of 18.


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