In a bid to connect this region with the mainstream of development, which is key issue, Modi is all set to play his last trump card prior to the Lok Sabha polls.

Modi, in an attempt to ignite the aspirations of this region, which is in abundance with prodigious intellect, hard-work, resources and wealth of culture, will camp in Purvanchal before moving to Varanasi in the last phase of elections. He is expected to showcase his model of development here.

In the elections, which have been held till now, Modi wave can be clearly seen across the state and the BJP seems to be seated in a comfortable position.

Modi, who has taken a major share of responsibility on his shoulders, has only ensured that the BJP emerges as the number one party in the elections but also made sure that their runner up party could not cross even half mark of seats won by saffron party.

In the third phase of elections, a total of 47 seats have already gone to polls and voting would be held in 33 more seats in the remaining phases on 7th and 12th May.

Out of the total seats, around 24 are in Purvanchal region where the BJP faces an uphill task of sorts to put up a good show.

It needs to be mentioned here that the saffron party’s performance in the 2009 elections in this region was quite pitiable.

BJP having upper hand in Purvanchal, eyeing seats

By filing nomination from Varanasi, Modi has not only reinvigorated BJP but also infused a new lease of life in the party which has been showing dismal performance in the Purvanchal region.

Presently, BJP has made the contest multi-cornered on a number of seats in the region. However, in most of the places, the party is believed to be having an upper hand.

Now, according to certain preparations and far-sighted vision, the Gujarat Chief Minister will present a vision document related to the restoration of cultural pride of this region and to bring it in the mainstream of development.

In order to return to power at the Centre, BJP will focus on cleanliness of River Ganga to development of the basic infrastructure, farmer-centric issues, employment, industries, literature and culture and Modi will present a document based on these agendas associated with the Purvanchal region.

Attempts on to break regional bindings

According to the estimates of BJP managers, Modi has been successful to bring the votes in his favour by making the people rise above several regional bindings.
Based on this very factor and taking this particular trend forward, Modi wants to bring the people of this region in his favour by presenting the Purvanchal Vision Document based on development.
Almost every development related indicator of Purvanchal no longer ceases to exist for the past 60 years.

Unfortunately, the region is now identified with locked factories and rowdy-ways.
Much like Punjab, this region is getting corroded under the intoxication of alcoholic products and mafia-politicians nexus.

Preparations on to heighten Modi factor

The educated and elite class of the society is bound to have exasperation and anger over the lack of development and several other issues which are hounding the region.
Another important aspect of this region is that the entire world takes a note of the hard-working nature of the people of this region.

Those who got proper opportunity or an environment have made their presence felt. By talking about these factors, Modi is trying to change the flow of wave in his direction.

The ‘Varanasi’ punch

Modi has lot to get from his ‘kitty’, especially from his ‘own’ constituency Varanasi. The five basic necessities of the city are in his agenda.

He is expected to have a thorough talk on those when he will be camping in the city for four days.
Cleaning up of River Ganga, restoration of ghats, providing an easy passage to holy site of Baba Vishwanath, to work on the alleys of the city, providing easy transportation, and branding of cultural and academic avenues on national and international level and building a conducive atmosphere for them are some of the major issues to be taken up.

Prashant Mishra/JPN

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