Waiting for the bus, Satyapal – a resident of Garhmukteshwar initiates the political debate. “Modi wave is of course rife but electoral fervour isn’t visible,” he said.

Taking the debate forward, Satyapal said: “The candidates are mostly outsiders and they have visited the area only once or twice. People hardly know them but the vote will be cast in favour of Modi only.”

BJP’s influence on the city of Brijghat, which is located on the banks of Ganges river, can be easily observed.  However, few Samajwadi Party (SP) flags could be seen here too.

When you cross the Ganga bridge, you enter the Amroha district. The first town in this district is Gajraula, which has now developed into a hotel hub.

To truly experience the election fever, one would need to enter the main residential areas here. Every next wall in this city is emblazoned with posters of BJP and SP. Posters of BSP could be spotted at few places too. However, the voters are not voicing their opinions yet.

For the first time strong undercurrents in favour of the ruling SP government can be sensed here. All the five assembly seats within the Amroha Lok Sabha constituency have SP legislators.

Even the incumbent MP from Amroha Devendra Nagpal has joined the Samajwadi party and his influence here is fairly palpable.

A young man says: “Two days back in the Saidan Gali area party workers of both BJP and SP were involved in an altercation.”

Reactions of this clash in the area have also started to come. Farmer by profession, Tulsiram from Ogpura village near to Dhabarsi, says the politics of vote polarisation has already started here.

The most acute face of vote polarisation can be seen in Hasanpur, which is also the native place of Humaira Akhtar, who is the Samajwadi Party candidate from Amroha in the general elections. She is the wife of Panchayti Raj Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kamal Akhtar.

Big posters of the BJP can be seen near by her home. The BJP leader here is habitual of contesting every election against Kamal Akhtar.

A passageway from Gajraula leads to the Dhanaura legislative area, which also comes under the Amroha constituency.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate Farhat Hasan urf Haji Shabban hails from this region. The atmosphere in Bachraun and Khadar regions here seems completely gripped by the BSP effect.

But due to the presence of a dominant Jat population, vehicles endorsing Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) candidate Rakesh Tikait from Amroha constituency are also easily detectable

While returning back from Gajraula, the social service centre of BJP candidate Kanwar Singh Tanwar is also located on one side of the highway.

Actually, Tanwar is based in the national capital and came to Amroha for social work two years ago. He was a Congress member till few months back but left the party to join BJP.

Impressed with his social work, the saffron party decided to give him a Lok Sabha ticket from Amroha in this general election.

Now, Tanwar wishes that the people of Amroha embrace him like their own, but the problem is even several local party workers have not been able to accept him wholeheartedly yet. But still the spirit of party workers is sky high due to a whirlwind Modi wave.

The main headquarters of Amroha is situated four kilometres from the highway. The Zoya area here is dominated by Muslim population; hence the Samajwadi Party influence is easily noticeable.

An elderly man from a nearby village, Karan Singh says a minister had visited the rural community recently but the village’s political loyalties spin between the BJP and BSP.

The truth behind Samajwadi Party-led UP government’s development work is laid naked as soon as you enter the Amroha constituency.

Wobbly and narrow roads, grimy roadsides and shambolic transportation system are few of the first things you would observe entering Amroha.

Such a sorry state of affairs might give an impression that the public would be fuming at the Samajwadi Party for the doomed state of their city but that’s not the actual reality.

Since the area is dominated by Muslim population, people have already decided to vote in the general elections on the face value of the candidates. Mehboob Ali from Amroha is also a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government and his influence in the area is also evident.

After crossing the rickety main road in Amroha with lots of difficulties, one would enter the Naugawan assembly area.  The entire region is blessed with fertile land and scenic greenery but the major problem is again the same –poor governance.

Whether it’s the condition of the transportation set up or law and order situation, everything is in a state of bedlam here.

The road on the Kheri intersection, which leads to the Khedkra town, was reduced to shreds few months back in the name of renovation but it is still resting there in the same health and with no one to take care off.

But on the contrary, Gram Pradhan of the Prithvipur village Satyendra Chauhan says some development work here has certainly been carried out and people can’t keep a blind eye towards it.


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