It could be mainly due to this very reason; the Congress has pulled out its possible support to the Third Front before it gets too late and place itself forward.

After grasping the current political air and changed circumstances, the Congress leaders are now brainstorming on the ways to come up with a strong Opposition.

The disappointment which gripped the party after the completion of fifth phase of elections had made it considering giving support to Third Front as well and several comments regarding this was also made.

This sent a message that the party has already accepted defeat before the electoral results. At the same time, news talking about low morale of Congress is also making rounds.

Besides, there are reports about depressed mood of the party cadres and it’s mainly due to this very reason, several big leaders like Ahmed Patel, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra tried to infuse confidence among the workers.

BJP or Congress only option

Actually the Congress leaders have started realizing this very fact that the overall outcome of the 16th Lok Sabha elections won’t sway towards Third Front at any cost. It needs to be mentioned here that the BJP as well as the Congress failed to get more than 300 seats in 2004 and eventually, a Congress-led government came to power at the Centre.

In 2009, the combined tally of both parties was more than 320. This time, according to the reports, it’s almost certain that more than 300 seats are going to get distributed among the BJP as well as the Congress.

As of now, the saffron party seems to be seated in a relatively stronger position and even the Congress appears to be acknowledging this very fact.

The possibility of Third Front winning maximum number of seats has almost diminished. Besides, another aspect, one needs to take note of is that the BJP has formed an alliance with 28 parties.

After taking all these facts into account, the Congress seems to have accepted this fact that the constitution of Third Front is not a possible prospect as several opposing forces like Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, Mayawati and Mulayam, Mamata Banerjee and Left can’t be together.

External support can’t be ruled out

It’s, however, true that the parties may provide internal or external support to the Central government just like Mayawati and Mulayam did to the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Taking all these facts into consideration, the Congress had ‘given up’ its ‘hopes’ on Third Front and though the party is not in a good position, yet it has started working on its strategy.

The party is also worried about the fact that if Modi becomes Prime Minister, he may take ‘revenge’ against the party in his own ways.

That’s why; Sonia Gandhi-led party has already started making a new ‘team’ in the name of secularism and democracy.


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