Asserting that there was no "cracking" in his relationship with Jung, Kejriwal said he hoped to continue with the "good equation" he has with the Lt Governor and described him as a noble person.

"There is no cracking. I really admire that gentleman. He is a very nice guy and is particularly fond of me. So there is no cracking. My relations with him are very good. I feel he is a very noble person and my relations with him should always remain good," the Delhi Chief Minister said.

Kejriwal's comments came two days after he sent a strongly-worded letter to Jung asking him to protect the Constitution and not the interest of Congress and the Home Ministry, saying they were keen on stalling his government's Jan Lokpal Bill.

The letter came a day after reports emanated that the Lt Governor had sought Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran's opinion on Delhi government's Jan Lokpal Bill.

Asked about AAP leader Ashutosh calling Jung a "Congress agent", he disapproved of it and said the party leaders should be mindful of their words.

"In think we should be careful with our words. There could be anguish in the minds of some of our party leaders, but whatever be the intensity of our anguish we should mind our words," he said.

However, he expressed unhappiness over the "leakage" of certain key communications from the Lt Governor's office. "I don't know who is doing this. May be he (Jung) is also a victim of people doing some mischief in his office, some coterie in his office."

Giving example of the leaks, he said the moment Delhi government sent a file recommending removal of Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women to Jung, a TV channel started running a news that the Lt Governor was going to reject the recommendation.

"My office immediately contacted their office. Their office said LG has not written anything like this. This is media speculation. The next day when the file came to me, it had the same things what the media was saying," he said.

The Chief Minister described the issue as "serious" and added that "this is a constitutional crisis".

"Some said that the Central Government is playing politics through LG. Then the issue came about my house that Arvind (Kejriwal) asked for it. Even that letter was leaked from there (LG office)," he said.

On why he used harsh language in his letter, Kejriwal said, "I tried to be soft (in language). I will be careful in future. The message has to go, but it has to go in a very polite language."

Explaining context of his letter, Kejriwal said he personally wanted to meet the Lt Governor and discuss with him the issue of Jan Lokapal Bill but before the meeting Solicitor General's opinion was leaked.

"I wanted to tell him that we had taken opinion of five people, cabinet has taken a decision, just brief him and explain him about the events. Then before that, the news came that Solicitor General's opinion was taken and that it (introduction of the Bill without Home Ministry's approval) is unconstitutional and the process in which it is being done is also unconstitutional. Then I thought it is not right," he said.


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