"As per the directives of Senior Superintendent of Police Yashasvi Yadav, initially special commando training is being given to 600 personnel in different phases," said trainer Abhishek Yadav, who recently received state's prestigious award Yash Bharti.

The training session of the personnel began on April 3 and will conclude on Monday at Police Lines where the cops would display the commando techniques they have learned.
"This is part of SSP's initiative to make Lucknow police fit and adept with latest techniques," Abhishek said, adding, for the first time, personnel are getting such training in large numbers.
He said that under the special programme, the personnel, from different police stations of the city, were being trained in various forms of martial art, including Judo, Kung-Fu and Karate.
"Under the programme, personnel are being trained to nab criminals without using weapon, attacking several criminals at one time and to protect themselves," he said.
Yadav said that after learning these techniques a policeman would be able to control attackers within minutes and that too without using weapons. These techniques have been selected from different forms of martial arts like karate, taekwondo, kung- fu and kick boxing, he said.
"Majority of the techniques have been taken from Aikido, which is Japanese martial art. In this the force of an attacker is used against him and joints are targeted to control him," he said.
"The special commando training session, will not only boost confidence of police personnel but also help them in discharging their duties," the SSP said.

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